How does one describe oneself ???

Well, photography is my thing... and what I love about photography is creating memories of your family that you will cherish forever (often times the more time that passes the more they mean).  I say this because I now have children that have in a "blink of an eye" grown up and are off to university and almost beyond, so when I gaze at their portraits, it makes me remember all the quirks, smiles and personalities that they had as little people.

I truly love doing family portraits and creating these images.  I strive to capture a varied grouping of family arrangements:  from the full family portrait, to moms with children, mom with her girls, dad with the children, dad with the boys, children all together and an individual portrait of each child.  Finally, if you'll allow it (and I might insist) ... a portrait of you as a couple (because many of you haven't had this done since you were first married).

My goal is to create a gallery of images that you will want to display and add to in your home, as your children grow from year to year.